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Save 10% On All Orders over $100. Use code 10off

Mr. Steam MS90E Steam Bath Generator with Round Butler Package in Satin Brass

SKU 6B-8QS3-LX98
The Mr. Steam MS90E is engineered for home steam rooms up to 100 adjusted cubic feet (ACF). The MS90E steam shower generator features intelligent SteamBath technology for years of efficient, clean, quiet, and reliable operation. Its advanced microprocessor operating platform makes it the perfect choice for residential steam bathing applications. The MS90E is durably constructed of surgical-quality stainless steel throughout and features industrial-grade heating elements. The steam unit is equipped with advanced water solenoid technology, durable electronic components, LED color indicators for self-diagnostics, a full-port drain valve, and a variety of other features. MS E-Series steam generators are engineered to provide the most consistent and reliable bathing experiences. The MS90E steam shower unit generates a constant steam by introducing just the right amount of water through a proprietary dispersal chamber. The generator uses less than two gallons of water during a typical 20-minute bathing session, making it both eco-conscious and economical. The unit is perfect for any home steam shower kit. The compact size of the MS90E generator, about the size of a suitcase, allows the unit to be installed conveniently out of sight up to 60 feet away from the steam room. Typical installation locations include closets, vanities, cabinets, and other similar locations. The optional Express Steam feature is equipped with a built-in thermostat that maintains water temperature so that you may start steaming quickly. The Mr. Steam MS90E 5kW steam generator is available in 208V (MS90EB1) and 240V (MS90EC1) single-phase (1PH) configurations. MS generators are compatible with all Mr. Steam controls and with the SteamLinx mobile application. Select the available control with features that best suit your bathing preferences. We recommend a Mr. Steam Auto Drain System with your MS90E. The Auto Drain system automatically cleans the tank after each bathing session to help preve